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Unleash the full
potential of your hatchery
with Molofeed

Founded in 2015, Molofeed is a pioneering feed company dedicated to the development, production, and supply of specialized, innovative, high-quality feeds for fish and shrimp with continuity in performance from hatchery to harvest. A Norwegian company specialized in microencapsulation, Molofeed has developed and patented a method for creating a new microcapsule that allows any water-soluble nutrients to be enclosed in a shell. The capsules can then be dried into a powder-like product, allowing for ease storage and long shelf life. Staying in suspension until ingested by the animal, micro-encapsulation in hatchery feeds not only ensures that the tiniest animals get the sustenance they need but also prevents nutrient leaching from the micronized feed particles. That optimizes hatchery outputs and reduces the need for antibiotics.

Our technology has the potential to transform the industry by producing higher-quality seeds, increasing biological yields. We believe a powerful synergy between science and expertise is necessary to shape a better and more sustainable future for global aquaculture. With a vision to improve the utilization of the ocean while creating solutions to global food security, Molofeed is dedicated to supporting responsible aquaculture by repurposing seafood co-products and sustainable marine ingredients into super-prime nutrients applied in the most potent feed technology for hatcheries.

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We're based
in Bergen - Norway

Stabilizing nutrients inside micro-capsules which stay in suspension and are as small as the diameter of a single silk fiber, represents an immense advantage for the hatcheries. It means hatchery managers can reduce feed quantity and disfavor opportunistic bacteria as each feed particle remain complete at ingestion by the early stages of aquatic animals. As a result, we observe higher survivals and faster and more homogeneous growth resulting in more robust and stronger juveniles.

Water quality matters

• Our new micro-encapsulation technology helps to ensure that aquatic animals get the nutrition they need while also helping to keep the water clean and free of harmful contaminants.
• By encapsulating critical nutrients, our technology helps to optimize the intake of essential nutrients while also maintaining water quality.
• As a result, we always expect higher survivals, better growth, healthier animals, and a more homogeneous batch.

We believe

• Hatcheries play a critical role in the aquaculture industry by providing robust animals to farms.
• The benefits of robust animals include better survival rates, faster growth, reduced biological risk and reduced need of antibiotics.
• Better offspring for the industry optimizes profitability and efficiency.

Our role is

• To create technologies and techniques that hatcheries can easily apply.
• To share knowledge and work alongside hatcheries, implementation of products and solutions to improve efficiency and resolve challenges becomes easy.



Anette Sandven

Interim CEO & CFO

CFO of Molofeed since March 2023. Anette has over 10 years of experience from EY, mainly at Strategy and Transactions, with extensive experience from transaction related advisory for public and private companies. She has worked with transactions in several sectors, including aquaculture, consumer products and retail, technology, and health.

Held a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Norwegian School of Economics and previously CFO at Motitech AS, a health-tech company with focus on impact.

Trine Alkholt


Operation Manager of Molofeed since January 2022, Trine has extensive experience in food manufacturing, she worked with leading food manufacturing companies in Norway. Holding a degree in food technology, Alkholt has worked in a wide range of functions in the food industry, from production and processes to management and leadership.  
With a burning desire to make Molofeed a place to grow and become the most relevant company in the industry, Alkholt recognizes that the journey we have in front of us is not going to be straight but pledges to carve an enjoyable path toward success.

Luis Lage, PhD

R&D Manager

Dr. Luís Lage is the R&D manager of Molofeed. With a passion for aquaculture and marine research, he has dedicated several years of his young working life to the aquaculture industry. Dedicated to animal welfare and health, he believes that seed quality plays an important role in aquaculture production and that early nutrition is crucial to achieving good results.  

He has experience in nutrition and R&D, a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Metabolism from the French National Institute of Agriculture, a Master of Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Engineering from Federal Ceará University where he studied shrimp immunology, water quality, and bioremediation, respectively.   

A lover of the ocean, Dr. Lage spends his free time participating in outdoor activities like surfing, and kitesurfing, making frequent road trips to the beach and enjoying nature. 

Board of

Seok Bin Kaw

Executive Chairman

Seok has been involved in Molofeed since 2017, both as an investor and CFO. Since January 2024, Seok serves as the Executive Chairman for Molofeed. She has more than 15 years in the commodity sector and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in corporate strategy and business development. She also has experience with investments and start-ups through her work in Momentum Partners, angel investments in early-stage start-ups and advisory roles with family offices, VC funds and start-ups.    

Originally from Singapore, Seok has worked internationally for major companies such as Trafigura, Freepoint Commodities, Statoil and Norsk Hydro. Through her global work experience, she is well equipped in building organizations and managing people.

Seok holds a Master of Science in Corporate Finance and Economics from Aarhus School of Business in Denmark, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore.  

Josien Bakker

Board member

Josien is part of the Investment team of Aqua-Spark. Previously she worked at Robeco Private Equity, where she was responsible for sourcing deals and maintaining relationships with fund managers. Prior to that, she worked as a Manager M&A at Ahold and Ahold Delhaize, where she advised on and executed all significant mergers, acquisitions and divestments across the group. Josien started her career at ABN AMRO and Fortis Bank as an international management trainee. 

She holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration Corporate Finance from the University of Groningen and she is a CFA Charterholder. She is also one of the founders of a healthcare foundation in Mozambique.

Ingmar Høgøy

Board member

One of the founders of Molofeed, Ingmar Høgøy has experience leading several projects related to aquaculture and has a particular interest in biotechnology, hydrolysis, protein recovery, and the application of new methods and ingredients.  

Formally trained as a chemical engineer, Høgøy, who has worked in fish farming, processing of fish by-products, R&D, process development, and product development, holds a business degree and is a successful inventor with several patents to his acclaim. 

Tor Vikenes

Board member

Vikenes is a director with over 25 years of experience in aquaculture. He has played a leading role in several Norwegian companies, including Norway Fresh AS and Norway Pelagic ASA., with professional interests that include the circular economy and refining marine ingredients into bioactive nutrients.  

Offering an advanced understanding of the manufacturing environment, Vikenes looks for ways to contribute to improved efficiency and optimized production. Holding an MBA and a highly respected member of the business community in Norway, Vikenes,  has been a director of Molofeed since the company's inception.   

Our history

Our Commitment to
a sustainable aquaculture industry

With a commitment to developing micro-encapsulated feeds foreffective hatchery production of marine species. Instead of eliminating live feed, our mindset is to focus on optimization.

Since 2017

We commissioned our first factory in Bergen, Norway, in 2017, we have successfully developed and tested several innovative products with selected partners in Scandinavia, South America, and Asia. Through our extensive research, we are proud to introduce our hatchery line for shrimp and marine finfish.


As we continue to develop innovative products to advance the hatchery production, efficiency and profitability, we are expanding our R&D capacity with a brand-new facility located in Natal-Brazil - Molofeed Marine Aquaculture Research Centre - LATAM, the first of its kind in Latin America will be a Research Centre focus on marine hatchery nutrition, circular technology application, and training for the hatcheries.

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