An innovative patented technology

Molofeed has developed a breakthrough patented technology which enables the company to create a real microcapsule. With this technology, any liquid recipe can be mixed, and enclosed in a solid capsule. The capsule can then be dried into a powder-like product for ease of storage and long shelf life.

The process does not require high temperature or pressure, allowing for inclusion and preservation of heat/pressure sensitive nutrients, vitamins, minerals, immunostimulants, probiotics and biologically active enzymes.

The microencapsulation process

results in several advantages:

Consistently superior quality

Creation of uniform and stable particles with high technical     quality.

First feeding and onwards

Production of very small capsules (5 to 500 microns).

Save time and energy

Preservation of water quality reducing water replacement and tank cleaning

Effective feeding

Well balanced buoyancy in the rearing water column, (facilitates larval ingestion).

Reduce bacteria growth

High stability and no disintegration in the tank water (reduces water pollution and bacteria proliferation).

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